Why Brain Building in Progress Matters to You!

What is Brain Building?

Brain Building in Progress promotes the importance of children’s early brain development to their long-term well-being, and to the future prosperity of our society.

Why does Brain Building matter?

Science tells us a child’s brain development in the first five years of life significantly influences his/her ability to learn over a lifetime. Early experiences shape how the brain is built during this time. Strong brains provide children with a strong foundation for future success in school and in life.

How does Brain Building happen?

Brain building happens when children are exposed to enriching environments with positive stimulation and engaged in back-and-forth interactions with adults. Activities such as reading to children, asking them questions, and engaging them in conversation promote brain building.

How Can I Get Involved?

Whether you’re a parent, business leader, educator, legislator, or simply a good citizen, you can support Brain Building in Progress and help create a brighter future for everyone in Massachusetts.

  • Parents & Families

    Parents & Families

    Parents and family members are especially important Brain Builders because of their influence over a child’s environment at home and/or in daily routines. From pointing out shapes and colors in the grocery store to playing together at home, brain building moments are all around us. There are many simple ways to build your child’s brain every day and make any moment a brain building moment! Get ideas from our activity guides and other resources! You can also find places and events across the state that offer fun, engaging environments, enriching learning opportunities, knowledgeable adults and connections to a supportive community.

  • Legislators & Government Leaders

    Legislators & Government Leaders

    Lead so Young Children Succeed! Massachusetts needs effective leaders to champion brain building. Show your commitment by sharing information about Brain Building in Progress among your networks, finding program/agency or event in your community, or advocating for investments that focus on the healthy development of young children. Check out our Resources page for facts and suggested talking points on how to promote brain development of young children and more prosperity in your community.

  • Classroom & Community Educators

    Classroom & Community Educators

    Stimulating environments provide a strong framework for children to learn and develop and for parents/caregivers to get the information and support they need. List your events for parents to find, and download resources to share. A knowledgeable program and staff give children the support they need to succeed in school and in life. Use the parent workshop materials to further educate your staff and parents. After all, the more we know, the more we’ll help children grow!

  • Business & Community Leaders

    Business & Community Leaders

    Make the Connections that Build Young Brains! Brain building is a state and community-wide commitment with a network of supports. Learn more about the science behind brain building and the return on investing in young children. Take a moment in a busy world to create lasting connections by engaging and interacting with a child at an event in your community! Finally, check out our partnerships and consider joining us in being a Brain Builder!