In December 2014, RMV locations throughout Massachusetts became “Brain Building Zones” to promote the power of engaging parent-child interactions and everyday “Brain Building Moments” in building literacy and connections in the developing brain.

To celebrate, all young children visiting RMV locations received an official “License to Learn” with tips to spark back and forth conversations and interactions that promote safety including:

  • Buckle up! When you put your baby in a car seat, describe what you’re doing step by step. Make eye contact. Say what you are going to do next and that you’re doing it to keep your baby safe. Give a kiss or a tickle when they’re all buckled in!
  • Be street smart! Ask questions that start conversations and reinforce safety, such as “What color is the light when it’s safe to cross?” or “How many steps does it take to get across the street?”
  • Always wear your helmet! Brain Building begins with keeping little brains protected – building connections and the foundation for future learning and school success.