Turn an everyday activity like riding the T into a learning moment.

Through the support of the MBTA, this ad ran on the Orange and Red subway lines and on select bus routes in Summer 2014. The ad offers examples of teachable moments between parents and children, especially while riding the T, such as:

Talk! Ask lots of questions and engage in back and forth conversation. This builds children’s language skills and helps them learn to read.

Use numbers! Count the number of stops on the ride, or the number of times you can find the T logo.

Look around! Notice your surroundings. Point out whether it is sunny or cloudy, hot or cold. Point out objects and ask what they are.

Discover letters! Go on an alphabet hunt. Choose a letter and see where you spot it in ads or signs.

Read! Share a book together. Describe what is happening in the pictures. It is never too early to read to a child.